Brand guidelines

Welcome to our treasure chest! Here you can find all of our multinational logos and also our precious Ruby (the parrot). Please take a look at the guidelines carefully before using one of our logos.

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Variations of our logo

Our logo is the single most important brand distinguishing device. Respect the logo and do not skew it, place it too close to other logos or design elements and avoid too busy backgrounds. Or else you might have to walk the plank.

On light backgrounds

Horizontal purple
Square purple

On dark backgrounds

Horizontal white
Square white

Please don't!

As Pirates we don’t like many rules, but the logo rules are the ones you really should pay attention to.

Let’s not use the old logo anymore. If you don’t have the new one, please check our logo collection.

Please don’t redesign the logo. Keep the correct size/position ratios and nice kerning.

Don’t let the parrot fly out! Always use the logotype with the parrot.

Don’t stretch the logo, also don’t put it on busy backgrounds.

Logo collection

Welcome to our Chest of Logos! Here we have a selection of logos which you can download, wether you need them for print or digital purposes. If you are not sure what kind of logo you need, please have a look at our Brand guidelines.

Germany and Austria

Urlaubspiraten logo package


HolidayPirates logo package


PiratinViaggio logo package


VakantiePiraten logo package


WakacyjniPiraci logo package


VoyagesPirates logo package


ViajerosPiratas logo package


Ferienpiraten logo package

United States

TravelPirates logo package

Corporate Brand

HolidayPirates Group logo package


Logomark package

All logos collection

Complete logos package


Ahoy! Do you need to know more about our logo?

What is your logo all about?

Our logo features a logomark (the parrot) and a logotype (the text), that is localised to each market we operate. The Pirate Parrot is called Ruby and she doubles up also as a traveller’s map pin – handy!

Can I use your logo on my website/t-shirt/grandmother’s rollator?

Please ask us first. All logo usage cases need a confirmation from our crew, apart from your granny’s (unless she's a rollator racer! In which case, she'll need a confirmation too!)

I have made much better version of your logo – can I use that?

Well now you're just being silly (leave that to us!). Please use the correct, official logo at all times.

I am not sure which one of your logos goes where?

Did you read our logo usage guidelines? We recommend you do.

What are the logo usage guidelines?

They are the set of rules how you can use our logo, including the size and available colours. Please navigate through the guide before setting sail.

So many logos! And what does “WakacyjniPiraci” mean anyway?

We truly are multi-lingual Pirates who sail on international waters. We have adjusted our logos to each market and speak the local languages - "WakacyjniPiraci" is "HolidayPirates" in Polish! Why not browse through our deals and visit the beautiful nation of Poland for yourself?

Well, this is all good, but your FAQ didn’t answer my unique question – who can I contact?

Please send your enquiries to: [email protected]