, 25 September 2020

Millennial Brits still travelling through pandemic HolidayPirates finds

HolidayPirates survey reveals 63% of British respondents travelled this summer

50% will travel again in 2020 with 66% wanting to go in September or October

55% took a domestic holiday

66% travelled by roads; 33% flew and 9% took the train

56% took beach holidays; 30% went to the countryside and 11% took mountain trips

London, September 2020. In its latest Europe-wide survey*, the travel deals platform, HolidayPirates, today revealed how 63% of its British users, the majority of whom are Millennial (specifically 25-44) continued to find ways of taking a summer holiday despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic. Even though 45% of this group had original holiday plans cancelled, 50% plan to travel again this year with 66% saying that they want to travel in September or October whilst a further 34% say they will wait til the end of the year.

2020 summer travel trends: Travel by car and staycation

66% of Brits hit the road by car this summer as 55% of respondents holidayed within the United Kingdom. 33% went on holiday by plane, whilst 9% took the train.

And the most popular spot this summer for British travellers was the beach with 56% having decided to go to the coast in July and August. This has also been a good season for the countryside with 30% of British holidaymakers making a rural trip, City breaks attracted 19% of travellers and the mountains 11%.

Just over a quarter - 26% - enjoyed spending some time with family.

Among the 37% who did not travel at all this summer, 42% postponed to travel later. A quarter of respondents don’t want to travel anytime soon.

Of those who say they want to travel again this year, 33% still don’t know yet when they will and of the 18% who have declared they won’t travel any more in 2020 - 81% say they will not do so until spring 2021.

Reimbursement, voucher or nothing at all?

While 64% of respondents did not lose any money because of travel cancellations so far, 14% lost up to £200 and 9% lost between £200 and £400.

Of those whose trips were cancelled, 28% have already received a full refund, while 10% received a voucher and 12% nothing at all yet.

“It just shows how much people value and need a holiday even in difficult times, and it’s a pattern we saw in our users across Europe”, says Phil Salcedo, VP Global Content at HolidayPirates Group.

*Survey carried out in August 2020 among 11,936 users of the HolidayPirates group portals in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. More than 2,000 British people took part in this survey.

• Further survey data available on request.

• Phil Salcedo, VP Global Content is available for further statements and interviews.

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