* **Office will become a place of encounter and togetherness** * **The “New Normal” model applies from September 2020** Berlin, 19 August 2020. **The travel deal company operating in 10 markets across Europe and the United States announces that it will offer remote working as an option to all employees.** After the successful experience of working remotely during the coronavirus situation, and following positive feedback from the staff, HolidayPirates Group is now shifting to a permanent remote work policy, giving employees the ability to work from home or anywhere in the world. “We are a travel platform and our people love to discover new places and share their experiences. Our staff represent 41 different nations under one company roof, many of whom have friends and family far away. Thanks to our "New Normal" model, everyone will be free to work from their preferred location from September 2020. The employees should decide for themselves when and how often they come to the office. It's about flexibility in organization and in thinking,” **says David Armstrong, CEO at HolidayPirates.** In the past, Group employees have benefited from mobile working, but by taking a new step forward with remote working, HolidayPirates intends to offer a more flexible working approach. With the new office guidance, the company now let its employees make their own decisions. However, the headquarters in Berlin-Mitte will remain available. The company has decided not to close its office overlooking Berlin but to redesign it as a meeting place to cater to the new situation. The new office, which is due to reopen in September, will offer hot desks, recreational areas, chill-out rooms, silent rooms, as well as meeting rooms. “Of course we want to give everyone the opportunity to continue to come to the office. However, there will be no more personal workstation, instead there will be more chill-out areas and meeting rooms with different concepts. The office is to become a place for social encounters and exchange,” explains Armstrong. “I've also been working from home for months, but I will still come often to the office in Berlin when it reopens -- without the personal exchange with my employees it doesn't work," **added the CEO.** _______________________________ **CEO David Armstrong and HolidayPirates’ travel experts are available for further statements and interviews** on the following topics: * Experience report after five months "100% remote work" * Data, numbers, facts: A tourism company speaks clearly about the effects of Corona * Future outlook for the HolidayPirates Group
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