London, 14 July 2017

Despite political tension, travel patterns show that Europeans remain united

HolidayPirates Group reveals the top travel destinations in 2016 for 10 European countries Europe’s favourite package holidays destinations: Greece, Spain and Turkey Independent travellers love European city trips Also in high demand: domestic holidays

With the Brexit referendum and the influx of migrants, it seems that Europe is rife with political division. However, we can reveal that most Europeans can agree on one thing: whether British, German, Swiss or Polish, Europeans love to take their holidays on the sunny Mediterranean beaches of Greece, Spain and Turkey.

"Turkey and Greece are very inexpensive destinations at the moment, given that many operators are giving major discounts due to the tense security situation," says David Armstrong, COO of HolidayPirates Group, to which and the other sites (listed below) belong. "Being excellent value for money, these destinations continue to be very attractive to the budget traveller."

When it comes to travelling solo however, Europeans have other preferences. HolidayPirates Group has analysed the data, based on the number of clicks on deals on its 10 travel blogs, to come up with the most popular independent traveller’s destinations.

Favourite holiday destinations for the independent traveller in 2016

At the top of the list for 2016, with the most clicks on the German site, is a city trip to Rome, closely followed by London and the Greek island of Kos, which scores high for the longest, most beautiful beaches in the Aegean Islands.

The Austrians ( place Amsterdam at the top of the list of their most popular destinations, with Croatia and Sardinia closely following.

The Swiss ( are willing to pay more for their dream holidays: here Formentera and Mauritius come out on top as the favourite place to go on holiday.

The British are a very different story: on the website, a domestic glamping holiday is the favourite travel deal for 2016. Iceland and Dublin are also popular with GB residents.

The Italians love Gran Canaria and Budapest. Along with these, the Canary Islands made it into the Top 3 at

The Spanish prefer to stay close to home (who wouldn’t with their weather and all the beautiful beaches to choose from!) the deals at that clocked the most clicks were Cádiz, Menorca and London.

The Dutch ( love Spain as well: Barcelona and Mallorca are the top destinations in 2016 in the Netherlands.

Visitors to the French website nearly stampeded their way to a city trip to Rome. In second and third place, Mallorca and (ready for this?) Indonesia.

The Polish prefer to keep to the Eastern European countries. The winners at the Polish website are Croatia and the Polish Baltic coast. But there’s a surprise here too: the third most popular holiday destination for the Polish? The Maldives!

“The independent traveller using one of the websites of the HolidayPirates Group is often checking into holidays to London, Rome or Amsterdam,” says David Armstrong, COO of HolidayPirates Group when discussing the results. “Domestic trips are also very popular, which is not really surprising given the tense security situation.“

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