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How to Survive Valentine’s Day When You Are Not Romantic

Valentine’s Day has always been an occasion that has divided opinion. While sweethearts swear eternal love over candlelight dinners, many people have grown tired of the holiday’s consumerism. We live in a cynical age, where, for many, displaying an extra dose of public affection on a predefined day has understandably become somewhat “uncool”. To help those who don’t appreciate the holiday, HolidayPirates, the world’s largest online travel community and the leading source for travel inspiration and deals, has created a list of the best places to go to avoid Valentine’s Day romance.

The city where St. Valentine is a sinner

To be certain of escaping red roses and chocolate hearts, why not visit a place where the holiday is banned entirely? Belgorod, a city of 370,000 inhabitants in western Russia, forbids any celebration of Valentine's Day on the grounds that it conflicts with Russian values. Locals believe that Valentine’s day encourages sexual freedom, shadowing the possibility of true love. You won’t see heart-shaped decorations in store windows or have to book months in advance for a table at a restaurant here – Valentine’s Day is officially against the law.

Belgorod, a city of 370,000 inhabitants in western Russia, forbids any celebration of Valentine's Day on the grounds that it conflicts with Russian values.

Not egg-cited about Valentine’s Day? Try New Zealand

If the smell of roses and perfume sicken you, HolidayPirates recommends visiting Rotorua in New Zealand. Nicknamed “The Sulphur City,” Rotorua is not only known for its spectacular geysers but also for its pungent rotten egg smell. The entirely unromantic smell comes from its rich geothermal activity and high concentration of sulphur.

Microorganism museum in Amsterdam

Surprising as it may sound, there are also many happy couples that would prefer an “alternative Valentine’s Day”. For these folks,HolidayPirates recommends visiting Micropia, the world’s first museum dedicated to microbes. Located in the Royal Artis Zoo complex in the heart of Amsterdam, Micropia has thousands of microorganisms on display – including your own. Especially relevant for Valentine’s Day is their "Kiss-o-Meter". The futuristic machine gives couples the possibility to learn how many different microbes and bacteria are exchanged when you kiss. An excellent way to put your relationship to the test ... of science!

Anti-Valentine’s Day ping-pong in the dark in London

For those who wish to avoid tradition, the London club "Proud East" proposes spending Valentine's Day playing table tennis and pool ... in the dark! The club invites “anybody who hates Valentine's Day. Singles, couples.... The "it's complicateds", it doesn't matter” Of course, UV lights will be installed to offer a minimum of visibility so that you don’t finish Valentine's Day in the emergency room.

The self-proclaimed “world’s most unromantic city”

A lack of romance is guaranteed in Charleroi, famous for being "the ugliest city in the world". Take the "Charleroi Adventure Tour" and decide for yourself if this is true or just an example of dry Belgian humour. It’s advertised as: “The most incredible industrial city in Europe and ugliest city in the world according to a recent Dutch poll,Charleroi offers a wide range of thrilling attractions. Come with us for an urban safari and discover the place where Magritte’s mother committed suicide, the “ghost metro” and the most depressing street in all of Belgium”.

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